Making delicious dishes BOKUM JAE Yook pork

Jaeyook bokum called jaeyook bokum kimchi, a Korean dish of pork tenderloin tasty including fried spicy red chili powder voikim spending and gochujang. When do jaeyook bokum, gochujang sauce is essential, very important decisions as well as the spicy flavor of this dish. Depending on each person's taste, can reduce the heat level by the addition of & nbsp; soy sauce and red pepper gochujang little flour into the sauce.
Jaeyook bokum can also be cooked with bacon strips sliced ??samyupsang like cooking. Tofu is an excellent additive for this dish, but sometimes it is eaten with bop (white rice cooked with steam) decam better get its pungency. Initially, the pork is cooked with high temperature and then stir-fried with gochujang, kimchi, onions, carrots, green onions and other vegetables option.
Some people prefer crispy fried pork joint with bacon. Jayook bokum is popular appetizer while drinking soju but also great food and delicious when served with rice and other side dishes.

* Raw materials for Vietnamese sauce - 4 tbsp gochujang Vietnamese - 4 tablespoons soy sauce Vietnamese - 1 tablespoon of garlic (minced) Vietnamese - Sesame oil 1 tablespoon Vietnamese - Water ginger 1 tablespoon (or powder) Vietnamese - 3 tablespoons sugar Vietnamese - Vietnamese black pepper - 1 tablespoon red pepper pieces (optional) Vietnamese * Ingredients cook Vietnamese - 500g bacon loin or Vietnamese - 100g kimchi pieces Vietnamese - 1 onion Vietnamese - 2 scallions Vietnamese - ½ carrot Vietnamese - 1 bell peppers (optional) Vietnamese - 2 jalapeño (optional) Vietnamese * How to cook & nbsp; & nbsp; : Vietnamese 1. Add 1-4 tablespoons chili powder spicy gochujang depending on the setting you want. If you want to create more differences you can add 1-4 tablespoons soy sauce. For example, if you want to taste, then add 2 tablespoons moderate gochujang pepper and 2 tablespoons soy sauce, but generally not more regulation 4 spatula.
2. Add the sesame oil, minced garlic, ginger juice or powder, sugar and a little black pepper.
3. If desired, add 2 tablespoons red pepper spread thin up to add the spicy Vietnamese 4. Mix all ingredients and set aside for later use Vietnamese 5. For the pork tenderloin, use machines to soften the meat and the meat becomes thinner. Cut into desired pieces. For pork, cut into bite size pieces thin strips.
6. Add the pork to the bowl of sauce has been prepared earlier and marinated whole to infuse. Optimal time for meat marinated & nbsp; 30 minutes - put aside to prepare vegetables.
7. Cut the onion and carrot into thin strips, green onions and cut diagonally. Bell peppers and jalapeños cut liking Vietnamese 8. In a large skillet, stir-fry the pork for about 4-5 minutes at medium high heat Vietnamese 9. Add the kimchi along with the vegetables into the mix. Cook until the pork is cooked thoroughly.
10. To prepare tofu, boil water in a saucepan and add the whole block tofu for 3-5 minutes in hot water. Rinse with cold water and cut into smaller cubes taste.
11. Place the pork and kimchi fried in between plate and decorate with tofu around